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What to Watch Out For When Buying Keto Products

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What to Watch Out For When Buying Keto Products

Nowadays, there are new brands of keto products mushrooming from everywhere. Some brands are new in the market while others have existed for years promoting consumer products brands and are now trying their luck into the keto products due to its escalating popularity.

Some of these brands have always advocated for a low-fat diet since their inception and have made a sudden turnaround and joined the high fat forces.

Since the market has been flooded with many low carb products and supplements, identifying the best and genuine brands and the ones venturing without carrying out the necessary research to ensure they are providing high quality and effective products is a tall mountain to climb.

In fact, the number of fake products in the market may soon overtake the actual and real keto products.

Here are Things to Consider Before Choosing a Keto Product Brand:

  • The Company’s History, Mission and Reputation
    Find out whether the company started promoting keto products since its establishment or has just ventured into keto world after keto products popularity has soared. If the company didn’t advocate a low carb lifestyle from the beginning, avoid its products.
  • Company’s Products Portfolio
    If the brand produces other products save for low carb products, be alarmed. It means the company doesn’t specialize in keto lifestyle and diet.
  • The Products the Brand Is Selling
    Be curious to know whether the brand sells some other products compromising the ketogenic lifestyle. In case the brand used to push high protein or low-fat products previously, that signals they may lack a proper understanding of keto products or believe in keto way of life.
  • Brand’s Low Carb Diet Understanding and Products Reflections
    Check out if the brand is truly in the low carb world. Navigate their website checking if they offer consistent keto message including recipes, articles, videos, white papers among others.

If you find that their website provides low-fat recipes next to keto-friendly recipes, take care. Also, if their keto meal has high-carb foods instead of low carb diet, run away.

Consider the Following Factors When Evaluating Keto Products:

    • Right Macro Breakdown

      Particularly, keto products should be a low carb diet containing 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates. MCT powder is the main source of fats in meal replacements bars and shakes. So ensure the product has high fat compared to protein and carbohydrates combined.

      The standard combination is supposed to be 70% fat and 30% protein and carb combined. Be wary of the products holding much protein contents. When you take in more protein on a ketogenic diet will hinder you to achieve and maintain ketosis.

If the product has a high protein content, that’s not keto. In case the protein makes over 20% composition, you can make it keto only by increasing the fat contents. So, be watchful else you will be deceived to purchase keto products which don’t meet the standards.

  • Fillers

    Some keto products are using fillers to diminish net carbs. Some of these products will advertise low net carbs but in reality, they have raised the filler levels. Insulin is among the filler fibers used.

    Though some of these soluble fibers contain less than other sources of carbohydrate, they still contain effects such as blood sugars elevating, insulin response evoking among others.

    Excessive consumption of these fillers will thwart progress and diminish your ketosis levels.

  • Artificial Ingredients

    If the products contain artificial colorings and sweeteners, avoid them like a plaque. Other than affecting the taste, they have a high risk of causing negative health conditions thus threatening your life.

  • Ingredients Quality

    Before making a purchase, ensure you have looked at the nutritional and supplement label first. Look at the two examples below to understand where the quality matters.

  • MCT Oil

    This product is among the most popular in keto world. It plays a vital role in adding high – quality fat in your keto lifestyle, enhancing satiation, supporting ketosis, improving energy among others.

    Companies are now turning to offer their own MCT Oil brand. Ensure you have looked the quality in both sourcing and content just like any keto products. MCTs are rapidly converted into ketones to offer energy since they possess a unique carbon length.

    The only way to differentiate MCTs is the number of carbon found in their chain. When you go shopping MCT Oil, go for the products containing C8 (Caprylic acid) and C10 (capric acid)

    C8 is easily converted into ketones and offers immediate energy. C10 has unique antifungal elements and helps improve your gut health and boost immunity.

  • Exogenous Ketones

    This includes acetone, acetoacetate, as well as beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which are vital in physical and mental performance.

    The liver produces BHB from fat to be used for energy when it is inadequate of glucose. Once it has been produced, serves the brain and body as the main energy source.

    Thus, when you consume a ketone supplement which has been formulated perfectly and tested extensively, can be of great importance in promoting ketosis to speed up the fat burning process.

    Moreover, it’s used in minimizing as well as preventing keto flu symptoms as you adapt to the fat. When buying an exogenous ketones supplement, ensure you look for BHB as an ingredient.

    Preferably, go for trademarked and patented ingredients since they contain high quality and ready to use ketone. This gives athletes as well as busy professionals extra energy, focus, and performance.

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