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Stuffed Onion Rings

by Lucie
Stuffed Onion Rings

Pay attention everyone! I officially announce that low carb stuffed onion rings are the best healthy junk food I ever tried until now. And I really mean it! Who needs to have cheat days when you can indulge in such goodies without feeling guilty? And they are a lot easier to make than I thought before I started. What you need to make sure, you buy BIG onions. If you want to stuff the rings with meat and cheese, they need to have some space inside. I didn’t even use the edges which were too small – I kept them in an airtight bag, put them in the fridge and use for next cooking. I encourage you to make them for your not low carb friends (or dogs) before watching the next football match together. I assure you they will love them!

I already tried few of coating mixtures. Almond flour by its own is to light from the color and the half of the coating used to fall apart. So I tried to bake it in the oven, it wasn’t crunchy.  So after trying myself out a little bit, I find out the best mixture is 50:50 almond and flaxseed meal. Almond meal gives the neutral taste similar to the breadcrumbs, and flaxseed meal lends the solid consistency and the golden color, so you don’t need to add red pepper, which burns quickly, anymore. I also realized the onion rings coating is much better when you repeat the procedure twice – means pour into the egg, then in flour, again in egg and in the meal.

How to prepare Stuffed Onion Rings

When you stuff the onion rings with the ground meat mixture make sure you push it well inside. Otherwise, the filling will fall out while coating them. For the frying part is necessary to put at least so much fat (Pomace oil, butter, lard), that the onion rings are submerged at least into the half. Preheat the grease in the skillet over medium-high heat, but before you add your stuffed onion rings reduce heat to low! If you don’t do it, they will burn in a minute. Cooking time may vary by size of your rings, and by the amount of meat you put inside. But per side, it should be around 6-8 minutes.

grounded meat and onions
stuff the onion rings with the meat
eggs and almond flour
stuffed onion rings ready to cook

You can serve stuffed onion rings with any sauce you like. I made sweet Thai chili sauce from my PCOS kitchen, which is according to the low carb rules. So finally I share the sauce recipe with you. You will need: 10 tbsp orange sugar-free marmalade, 2 tbsp fish sauce, 2 tbsp coconut aminos, 2 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp chili oil,1 tsp red pepper flakes, 1/2 tsp Tabasco (or more chili oil), 1 tsp paprika powder and 1 tsp stevia powder (I used erythritol – I don’t like the taste of Stevia). Add all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix with a whisk or fork.

Stuffed Onion Rings

Low Carb Recipe For Stuffed Onion Rings

Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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1 big onion, cut to thirds, divided into rings (10 rings)
For the meat mixture:
140g/ 5 oz ground beef
240g/ 8,5 oz ground pork
1 garlic clove pressed
Salt, pepper
For the rest filling:
100g/ 3,5 oz cheddar, cut into cubes
Jalapeños (amount according to taste), chopped
For the coating:
3 eggs, whisked in a bowl
100g/ 3,5 oz Almond/ Flaxseed meal (I used 50:50)
For frying:
Butter/Pomace Oil/Lard


  1. Mix all the ingredients from meat mixture in a bowl.
  2. Fill every onion ring in half with meat mixture, then add cheddar cubes, and jalapeños, and close with meat mixture so that the onion ring is filled until its top.
  3. Pour in every onion ring into eggs, then into flour and repeat this procedure once more.
  4. In a non-stick pan/skillet preheat sufficient oil so that the onion rings are half-immersed.
  5. Before putting the rings in the pan, reduce the heat to low.
  6. Pan fry the onion rings from both sides (6-8 minutes per side).
  7. Don't leave them unattended. It could burn easily.
  8. Serve with your favorite sauce! (I served with chili sauce)

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