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Cheesy Baked Broccoli With Chicken

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backed broccoli with chicken

And again my favorite meal in the style of putting all ingredients into a baking tray and just letting it cook by itself. Just like this baked broccoli with chicken. Meanwhile, you can hunt your kids, or you can iron, or doing any other exciting activity :) I can imagine, that many of you aren’t big fans of broccoli. As a kid I hated it. Probably there aren’t many kids they would like it, except my younger son, who keeps stealing raw broccoli from the fridge. And without knowing it, he is doing the best. Fresh broccoli is the healthiest because it remains the most vitamins and other beneficial substances.

Broccoli originates from the Mediterranean area, precedence in cultivation holds Italy and is also the biggest exporter. Broccoli contains a significant amount of vitamins, mineral substances, fiber, and other nutrients. What are the health effects of broccoli? Consummation of broccoli is an excellent prevention against lung cancer. Thanks to calcium it can help in the prevention of bone disorders, and it helps to preserve healthy teeth. Potassium has beneficial effects on correct heart activity. With broccoli consummation, we also support digestion, metabolism and blood creation. And last but not least we are also improving our immune system. It is a perfect low carb vegetable as it contains out of 90% of water and is very poor on carbohydrates.

chicken and broccoli recipe
baked chicken with broccoli and cheese

As I already mentioned, the healthiest way to eat broccoli is raw, but that can be for many people more than hard. So the second possibility is to create a meal like my baked broccoli with chicken and cheese. That means you are going to cook it. While doing that, be careful to overcook it. It wouldn’t taste good, and also it would lose more vitamins than needed. Well-cooked broccoli should always be crunchy and usually, don’t need more than 5 minutes cooking in boiling water. Give this miraculous vegetable a chance. I promise you that in combination with cheese, spices and other ingredients you will like it and place it in your regular menu.

Fresh and beautiful broccoli are known for bright green roses, sometimes with a purple touch, the buckwheat should be firmly closed. Never buy broccoli with traces of yellow, it’s a sign that the rose is no longer the youngest. When purchasing, it is worthwhile to look at the stems the porous and woody are a sign of stiffness such broccoli will be almost tasteless. We always avoid broccoli that gives a distinct smell!

perfectly cooked broccoli
roasted broccoli and chicken with some cheese

When cutting broccoli use the entire vegetable, the stalk and core are also edible. First, cut off the leaves and then cut a circle around the core and remove it, along with the florets from the steam. Then cut and pull away the rest of the florets. All the florets should have the same size so that they cook evenly. Cut the core into pieces.

backed broccoli with chicken

Cheesy Baked Broccoli With Chicken

Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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200 g / 7 oz broccoli (cut as mentioned above)
200 g / 7 oz chicken breast (cut into equal cubes)
50 g / 2 oz onion (finely chopped)
2 eggs (whisked)
100 g / 3,5 oz mozzarella (grated)
100 g / 3,5 oz sour cream
1 garlic clove (finely chopped)
1 Tbsp sesame
1/4 Tsp ground nutmeg
Salt, pepper


  1. Cook broccoli florets in a small amount of salted boiling water for 5 minutes.
  2. Whisk eggs and mix them with sour cream, minced garlic, and spices.
  3. Preheat oven to 200°C (400°F).
  4. Preheat oil on a non-stick pan and add onion, stir for 2-3 minutes and add chicken and cook until white from both sides.
  5. Wipe the baking dish with spoonful butter.
  6. Place the onion and chicken on the baking dish, add broccoli and pour over the mixture of eggs, sour cream and spices.
  7. Sprinkle the top with cheese and sesame seeds.
  8. Bake for 20 minutes until the mixture becomes golden brown.

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