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Christmas Pumpkin Salad

by Lucie

First of all, let me explain why this pumpkin salad is called a Christmas salad. In my home country (Czech Republic) we have a tradition to eat on Christmas Eve a potato salad with a fish, usually carp. It’s not that common today, but not so long time ago, almost every family had the carp living in their bath tube days before Christmas. This tradition is now held rather in small villages where the people are still used to the complete process if they want to eat an animal. Modern society prefers buying the fish gutted and prepared for the dish.

Since years the potato salad was the biggest reason I was looking forward to Christmas. (Before I turned out to be a mom). So naturally, I didn’t want it to give it up completely. But I am also not the type of the person, who sticks the entire year to some eating habits and broke them just because of holidays. That means, I only had one choice. Replace the non-low carb ingredients for low carb ones. Easy. And please, don’t think I am blaming anyone for eating junk food around Christmas. If you enjoyed it, I am very happy for you. But my mindset wouldn’t let me enjoy it, and I would feel inflated, so not happy at all.

Prepare Pumpkin Salad A Day Ahead

What I recommend is to make the salad a day ahead. First, it tastes much better when perfectly cooled down, and also the individual tastes are connected. The vegetable ratio you can modify according to your personal taste. You can also only use for example carrots and leave out the parsley, and celery or the other way around. While cutting the veggies into cubes remember they shouldn’t be bigger than half an inch (1 cm), the tastes combine much better when the pieces are smaller. I actually love this Christmas pumpkin salad so much that I prepare it even for New Year’s Eve. Which is today, so I have to go. I wish you the best for 2019! Don’t be too hard with yourself. If you want to start something big, you don’t need an end of a year for it <3

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S.H. August 11, 2020 - 9:10 am

Thank you for the recipe! Can’t wait to try it this Xmas Eve. I want to ask, though, under your ingredients you list (carrot, parsley, celery). Did you mean parsnip, rather than parsley? Thanks!


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